– Get Prepared Expo – Next Expo – August – September, 2014

Posted July 11, 2012 2:53 pm by – Get Prepared Expo – Next Expo – August – September, 2014

USAPrepares – Get Prepared EXPO

Meet Instructors, Attend Seminars, and Enjoy the Survival Banquet Dinners – The Largest Survival and Preparedness EXPO in the USA

Designed to Help Save Your Life – Economy, Supply Chain Disruptions, and Natural/Man-made Events

Seminars and Exhibits are included in your passes.

Discount passes available – at

Money Back Guarantee – Scholarships Available

Meet National Radio Talk Show Personalities:

Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Joel Wallach, Sheriff Richard Mack, Joyce Riley, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Dr. Patrick Vickers, John Moore, Sam Bushman, Michael Evans, and Vincent Finelli

Enjoy Two Survival Banquet Dinners Served by the Freeze Dry Guy – Friday and Saturday at 6pm – $8 Each

More On-point Seminars, More On-point Exhibits, and More On-point Information than any other Expo

Free Heirloom Seed Packets to First 500 Guests Saturday and First 500 on Sunday

Attend Seminars, Workshops, and Demonstrations – All included in your Pass



10am – 4pm Exhibitor Setup

4pm – 5pm – Seminar Hall – Early Bird Seminar #1

5pm – 6pm – Seminar Hall – Early Bird Seminar #2

6pm – 8pm – Banquet Dinner – $8 Tickets Required – Instructors, Exhibitors and Guests Welcomed

Seminar Rooms A, B, C

Introduction of Instructors and Consecration of the Conference as Native American Sacred Grounds


8am – Exhibitor Setup

9am – 6pm – EXPO Hall Open for Guests – Seminar Rooms A, B, C

6pm – 8pm – Banquet Dinner – $8 Tickets Required – Instructors, Exhibitors and Guests Welcomed

Seminar Rooms A, B, C

Introduction of Instructors and Exhibitors


8am – Exhibitor Setup

9am – 4pm – EXPO Hall Open for Guests

Seminar Rooms A, B, C

Seminars and Workshops on:

  • Storm Shelters – What to look for in selecting your shelter
  • Safe Rooms – How to add one to your home
  • Freeze Dry Foods
  • Gerson Cancer Therapy
  • Radiation Detection For Us
  • Preparedness and Survival For Beginners
  • Violent Climate Change – Considering Relocating?
  • He Who Owns the Media Makes The Rules
  • Preserving Nutrition When Cooking
  • DIY Concrete and Foam Block Buildings
  • The Poisons That are Killing Us
  • Anonymous Cell Phone Plans – $8 Per Month
  • Become A Native American Medicine Man or Woman
  • Learn To Think Like A Navy S.E.A.L.
  • Restore Your Health
  • The Second Amendment – Sheriff Richard Mack
  • The Secret Behind Our Food System
  • Colloidal Silver – Survival Essentials
  • Introduction To Infinite Banking
  • Laser Tactical Practice Systems – Practice Without Live Ammo
  • Building Community For Your Survival
  • The Truth About Military Experiments
  • Raising Rabbits, Chickens For Food
  • Dr. Norman Shealy’s Greatest Invention – Bliss Oils
  • Medicine Cabinet Makeover
  • Portable Emergency Power
  • Natural Healing
  • Water Distillation
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure – With Food Supplements – Kyani
  • Build Your Long Term Food Storage System
  • Survival Economics for the Family
  • Guard Dog – Selection and Training
  • Precious Metals – Economic Survival
  • Emergency LED Lighting
  • Negotiate and Barter
  • Seven Survival Trade Skills – Start Your Own Business
  • MacGyver 101 – Survival with What You Have
  • Seeds – Planting, Gardening, and Saving
  • Concrete Dome Shelters – Build one Yourself
  • Build Your Family Tactical Preparedness Plan
  • Beekeeping 101
  • Home Safety and Security
  • Farms – Buying Your First One
  • Shortwave Radio and Ham Radio Orientation
  • Alternative Energy and Solar Power
  • High Yield Gardening
  • Herbal Medical Care and First Aid
  • Preventive and Emergency Dentistry
  • Marksmanship
  • The Financial State of The Union
  • Water Treatment and Filtration
  • Food Storage for the Long Term
  • Home Defense Firearm and Ammunition Selection
  • Great Books on Preparedness
  • Heating with Wood – Outdoor Wood Furnaces
  • When There IS No Medicine
  • Computer Disasters and How to Avoid Them!
  • Beginning Your Own Radio Show – How to Get Started
  • Credit and Money
  • Missouri Concealed Carry Orientation Seminar
  • Making Perfect Salsa
  • How to Select Your Safe – The Inner Workings
  • Batteries – How to Select the Best Type of for Recharging and Storage
  • Who Controls Our Food Supply – Do you Really Want to Know?
  • Ladies – Self Defense Tactics that You Can Use – NOW
  • Aquaponics – Growing Food Food Without Soil

Recording /Videotaping not allowed Schedule and Seminars Subject to Change

For Complete Schedule of Get Prepared EXPO Events please visit –

Vincent Finelli – PO Box 99 – Grovespring, MO – 417-462-1105