Cay Randall-May, PhD Joins USAPrepares Faculty, Friday May 12, 2017

Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. is a professional intuitive consultant with Masters and Doctoral degrees in Entomology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is known throughout the world for a wide range of intuitive services including general and medical intuition, certified by the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition.

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As a facilitator of healing, Dr. Randall-May uses energetic and spiritual approaches as well as prayer healing. Her book and CD, “Healing and the Creative Response; 4 Key Steps Shared by Healers and Artists” (CayMay Press and Brooks Goldmann Publ., 2010) documents her approach to well-being.

She is a pioneer in the field of innovative and scientific intuition, having worked for more than 25 years with a scientific team investigating many technical topics using a process related to remote viewing, called micro-psi.     Some of her findings are discussed in her book, “Inner Visions of Matter and Subtle Energy” (CayMay Press, 2014).

Dr. Randall-May is a master teacher, having taught a wide range of college level classes for more than 40 years. She teaches on-line and in-person in fields related to intuition, especially Medical Intuition, healing and self-care.     She is a faculty member of HOLOS Graduate Seminary and is privileged to teach locally through the Healing Arts Connection in Phoenix, Arizona.

To read more about her books and for a listing of her upcoming classes please visit You may reach her by email at or by telephone 602-404-8646 (between 8 am and 8 pm, Monday through Saturday, Phoenix, Arizona time).

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