Pasu Computers, MX System, Press Release, April 1, 2016

April 1, 2016
For Immediate Release:

        The IEEE Committee for broadband communications today announced the 802.24 Wireless 
standard, the latest in the 802 series. 
Adopting the proposal from Pasu Computers, Campbell, CA, a fully operational 802.24 
direct connect interface, wireless PAN (Personal Area Network) was demonstrated at the recent 
IEEE 802 planetary meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
Outstanding researchers in the computer, networking, and medical fields who teamed together 
to develop the system were present to share in the product's unveiling.

        The 802.24 architecture sports the new "MX" interface allowing complete control of all PHY 
and MAC layer operations through a bio interface layer.  This strategy was driven when 
engineers recognized that no present microprocessor could address data faster than the human 
mind.  According to Pasu radio designers, the "MX Bus" radio operates at a maximum data rate 
of 2.54 GBit/Sec., and is fully OC-3 and FCC part 15 compliant.  Leap frogging present NLOS 
radio limitations, the 802.24 MX bus provides effectively a direct non-sight solution.

    The Pasu staff also demonstrated utilization of a mind training sequence (MTS) where the 
effects of delay spread and reflective Rayleigh multipath interference, which until now have 
plagued all other high speed wireless networks, are totally eliminated. Essentially the brain acts 
as a real time CDMA rake receiver and restores the data bits back to the correct phase 
relationship.  At the same time noise and interference are removed by an adaptive psychic 
trellis-filter process.

        The MX system is available with both implanted internal microstrip and optional 
external "Top Hat" antennae.  Although the first prototype installation was performed in a sanitary 
facility of Walter Reed army hospital, Pasu is confident that a new step by step video 
will allow on-site installation in only four hours time by most competent VARs.

        All hardware including thirteen Teflon coated stainless steel self tapping screws are 
included for installation.  The twenty page instruction manual is written in a format which 
most surgeons can easily follow.  All the pages are plasticized and easily wipe clean with a 
damp cloth.  A toll free HOTLINE is provided should any complications occur.

        Production units are scheduled for early July.  Pricing has not yet been established.  
For more information on the MX bus contact  J. Sinotreb or V. Illenif at Pasu
Computers.  For information on the 802.24 networking standard go to

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